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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Mercedes-Benz Parking Sensors - Front & Rear

Hello, everybody thank you for visiting Mercedes, remote start comm. Today. What we're going to be doing is we're going to showcase how the parking sensors the park Tronics work for the front system. So, let's, let's do a little test right now see how well these guys work right. Now we park in front of a mural and let's see what that means that we're far away as we get closer, it starts kicking into gear and it'll. Tell you how close we are: hey you gon na put a reverse and then how the reverse works is. If you can see right there, we mount it right in the rear of the system. So if we want a better view, that's where we put it mm-hmm. So, let's, let's show you guys how it's all we're going to zoom in all right we're going to make sure that nobody's behind us and as we get closer to an obstacle, it starts to be fed us. And let us know that we're getting closer to something and that's something that you can see straight through the rearview mirror any closer and we'll start hitting the red all right. So we're just going to get out of harm's way and that's basically how the parking sensors work and that's what they look like all right. Thank you very much. Thank you for visiting Mercedes remote Starcom have a great day.

What'S up guys, so hopefully you were able to hear that, besides all the wind noise, but that was what I believe as to my buddies. This is my buddies. 2013 dodge dart of limited one point something turbo and yeah he's got that noise. I believe it's the wheel bearing eyeshadow it's the world, bearing because I jacked it up and the wheels able to move kind of give you an idea what it sounds like inside the car. Hopefully it here ang only again one we're heading back to the shop right now and we are going to change it and see it, and I haven't looked at anything on how to change it. Yes, I ordered the part. The part came in, I'm not sure if it's a pressed bearing or not, but it does. It is a little a little unusual. So so we're going out we're going to try that we're going to try to knock that bearing out here right now, Oh Mirror Mirror Mirror he's a he's, a lot smaller than I so so idle adjuster evening, yeah, let's get out, let's get out there shut up! Okay, so this is the Dodge, Dart and sorry about the wind natural sound, like crunchy, quite a bit so we'll pop it off and and see what this bearings got. So at the wheel off we got to get to the hub and to get to the hub. We got to take off the caliper, the bracket, the rotor, and this little cover. That'S got a big big nut and I've already got the caliper and the bracket together loose see. If I can get this thing off all together - and this has Allen bolts and what it took was a is at 8, 8 H Allen. So 8h h 8. I don't know yeah, I guess h, 8 here. So that's what got that off and then there's also there's another little allen right there, I'm assuming that's holding the rotor on there and that one is a 5 mil Allen, so knock that off real, quick, tight yeah. I think that was just solely to hold the hold the rotor up against the hub, and now this is all loose yep I'll just slide right off. I'M just gon na try to keep everything together. They didn't really want to pull the caliper from the from the bracket, so I'm going to do I'm just going to run a zip tie through it and open. You can go through that through there and through there and just kind of kind of tie it out of the way I don't put any stress on the on the brake line. I had some little ties that were meant for this and I don't know what I did with them like together at home. Hopefully this just comes off. No, of course not try to tap on. I hope it's going to be a little more of a pain. Yes, let's get this cover off and knock that big bolt off and see if we could pull the whole hub and rotor off together, probably not okay and we got a giant Krusty bolt on there and we get a socket for that and I'm gon na actually Try to clean these threads up, so they don't try to fuck it up on the way out. Okay, so so I sprayed the thing with PB Blaster and I beat on it for a while with a little the rubber one and didn't do didn't really do anything, and then it took a tool of tabs with the mini sledge and just hit it twice and Pop right off so those that was good and shit, this stuff looks pretty good and onto the hub, which it is pressed. It'S pressed into the the bearing there. It looks like oh, let's pop this clean these threads up. Let'S pop this off and see, if hopefully the whole thing just slides off, which I don't think so it looks like looks like it's pressed into the spindle. Please just slide off. Oh wait: yep yep yep! I think it's just going to slide off. It moved a little bit. That'S that's for sure. Okay, and this is, I believe this right here is the ABS sensor. So we got to be very careful with that. They clear that that's not good at all, but it moved a little. So let me get a little pry bar in there open it didn't just move, because because the bearings all fallen apart in there it would be so awesome. If it's not pressed, I think it's coming. I know I don't want to press until I get a. I think I got a tool for this. I think I have a tool for this Ben and I've never got to use it nonsense. I'Ve used it on the s14. This hope it fits his bolt pattern because it's meant for man, cars, hey Harry Harry Harry. This is my cheap eBay bearing puller hub puller, wherever you want to call it. Hopefully it pulls the bearing and everything, and not just the hub. That would be really shitty if the hub, if the bearing stays stuck to the spindle. I really don't want to pry or beat on this thing, because that, once you fuck up that ABS sensor, you have to replace the sensor and this bearing had to be ordered. Nobody had it in stock, no local, no local shops had it in stock. Dealer had ordered overnight, so it wasn't too bad, but it's not something I want to you know I want to worry about, I'm pretty sure the ABS sensor would be the same way. Oh yeah, that's awful, Oh looks like the bearings still on there, not sure yep bottom part of the bearings still in there son of a bitch okay. I guess so so. Here'S where I'm at this bottom piece is just not just refusing to come out. I I pulled the ABS sensor out because I didn't want to dent risk damaging it. Well, I'm trying out a bunch of different things. I tried welding uh two pins, some see my little steering wheel puller over there, but I tried welding two pins to each side. Try to pull it but kept breaking. This is like, I guess this is a really hard material, so it's real brittle, but not brittle enough to apparently rag just smash it off, and so what I've done now is I'm trying to work it loose with with a pipe wrench and I've taken. My grinder and I flattened to one side. I really really don't want to damage the spindle, because I don't know no idea what it's going to take to replace the spindle. If I do damage it - and I really don't want to do that - and this job's already taken a lot more time than I anticipated, but basically what it did is I flattened one side and then I'm turning to the piper ajaan and see if I can work It loose and tapping it and not smashing my thumb, I'm just trying to spin it yeah. This is. This is turning into a shitshow supposed to be a. This is how I got the bearing change, but it looks like this is how I fucked up my buddy's car he's, not he's not having that. I did get it to spin this far, so definitely making some kind of a progress. I'M gon na keep keep trying and see what else I can get with it. It'S got just about every tool I own out here, okay, so after a shitload of grinding and failed attempts of welding shit to it, fine, we got it down enough to crack it. Crack the sleeve there it is there we go. That'S going to fight every fuckin millimeter, that's the fucker! So as far as the spindle, not too bad, just a little get a little chowder right there, but it's not it's not real bad. I can clean that up and should be good and I'll put the new bearing on and hopefully never see this car again. Let me get something so I can clean all this up. I mean it's not. It'S got some rust and shit on it, but it's not uh. It'S not bad. I bet it'll all the shit. I use tried to use to get this piece of shit out. Okay, so I cleaned up the spindle. It really not that bad. I sanded down a little bit, get all the crap off of it and then the new hub, burying I put a little bit of grease on it. So hopefully it won't fail but fail, but not get like a little bit on there again yeah it's going to be a tight fit get this thing started see if that will help it Krishan its all the way to plush. So I'm just gon na find out the torque specs are and torque it the rest of the way, because I don't want it to have a problem, but in the meantime want assemble everything start by putting the ABS back in it's just a little sensor. Right here. Slides in from the back go the little boat. There'S a plastic piece: Oh get a nice snug, don't don't beat the shit out of it. It'S on there and what's next star forgot, we're done it's put the wheel on you'll, be all right. Okay, we got rotor action and under if it mattered, which hole it used. I don't remember, looks like it was using that one. Let'S guess we're on put that back exactly where it was just like that it was just weird, Oh your boat and held that on. It'S my son. He wants to go see his girlfriend go ahead and put the caliper back on was my little screwdriver. There'S from the back. I didn't know you were that kind of a zip-tie getting in the way to show these two guys. You guys are better than me, okay, so, according to the interwebs, this bolt has to be at 129 foot-pounds, so got my torquey measuring set, and I see we get not turned on yet not yet 129 right on the money. According to my handy-dandy crust my hand toward green CH, I'm going to crank it down to 90 when I put the wheel back on, but that's all we got the caliper bolted down nice and tight wheels on. I just got a smash on this dust cover and this thing's good to go. We'Ll do a test, drive and we'll see what it's like. Let me get the wheel on such thing on the ground. How much fun was that holy shit? So I do realize that there is probably a better way to do that, just working with what I had on the Sunday. You know, but uh, let's see how it sounds on the inside. I don't know if you are able to hear a difference on the outside, but it's a huge difference on the inside yeah. We honor. That'S it guys. So sorry, it's not a 240 video but something I had to do my day off so knocked it out. Hopefully I'll have something else interesting coming up so, but you know thanks for watching, see you next time you


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